Day of the Tiger (Tigru) (LUXFILMFEST)

Andrei TANASE, 80 min, 2023 - Romania, France, Greece
In a small Transylvanian town, Vera works as a zoo veterinarian. As she grapples with a shaky marriage that never recovered from the tragic loss of a newborn, Vera dedicates herself to the animals as a coping mechanism. A pet tiger is relocated to the zoo on the same day that a shocking discovery is made about her husband, and Vera enables the tiger’s escape. Realizing her mistake and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she sets out with a team to locate the animal before it wreaks havoc. A compact drama whose action unfolds over 24 hours, Day of the Tiger is an engaging portrait of a complex woman. Cătălina Moga delivers an exceptional performance as Vera, and the film’s darker moments are offset by comical absurdity. An absorbing, offbeat film about love and loss. Accessible from 16 and over

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Ciné Utopia


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