D’histoires et d'art. Peindre au Luxembourg au XVIIIe siècle

D’histoires et d'art. Peindre au Luxembourg au XVIIIe siècle

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This exhibition, dedicated to Luxembourg painters of the 18th century, is based on archival documents and around 30 selected works. The exhibition has two aims: On the one hand, to illustrate the way of life of painters in the Duchy of Luxembourg during the Ancien Régime, and on the other hand, by illuminating etchings that served as sources, to show emblematic paintings of the period created by a dozen great masters active in Luxembourg at the time. This exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart, is the result of six years of research carried out by Henri Carême as part of his doctoral thesis in art history. This dissertation was defended at UCL Leuven in January 2023 and published in the form of a catalogue.

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- 10/08/2023, 18:00, DE
- 24/08/2023, 18:00, LU
- 17/09/2023, 15:00, LU
- 28/09/2023, 18:00, FR
- 12/10/2023, 18:00, EN
- 29/10/2023, 15:00, DE
- 30/11/2023, 18:00, LU
- 14/12/2023, 18:00, EN
- 17/12/2023, 15:00, DE

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