Constellations in the studio

Constellations in the studio

Do you also feel torn between two poles of belonging- your country of origin and your present country of residence? Does the dream of heading back haunt you, despite knowing it is impossible? Sophie Feyder invites you to come explore the theme of in-betweeness in her studio set up at the Cercle Cité. The studio refers to the expression “to sit between two chairs”, which many people of the diaspora use to express this state of being.

The exercise consists in trying to articulate your trajectory and personal experience by placing yourself physically in relation to these two chairs within the space of the studio, in a way that resonates most accurately with your personal story. It is inspired by a type of family therapy called “Constellations”. Come with an objet that symbolises for you your attachment to your country of origin and another one symbolising your actual place in the world. Before leaving, you will receive a copy of the photo and with your permission, your photo will be placed on a panel in the exhibition space. The whole exercice can take up to 15 minutes.

Free entrance, subject to availability. No prior registration needed. 

Useful information


Cercle Cité
Place d'Armes


Saturday 04.06.2022
14H00 - 17H00


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