Colors (L.A. Babylon)


USA 1999 | Dennis Hopper | vostFR | 116’ | 35mm | Cast : Sean Penn, Robert Duvall


Bob Hodges est affecté comme policier dans la lutte contre les gangs des quartiers pauvres de Los Angeles. Sa modération s’oppose à la fougue de son jeune collègue…


« Restraint is not a virtue that we normally associate with Dennis Hopper, but this quality of cool detachment is what makes Colors fascinating to watch -- even when you have no idea where it's going or what Hopper is trying to tell you. » (Washington Post)


« Duvall and Penn are two of the best actors in America, bringing a flavor and authority to their roles that make them specific. A lot of their acting in this movie is purely physical. Other moments, when the actors talk to each other, contain that electricity that makes you think these words are being said for the first time. » (Roger Ebert)

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