Sung Tieu. Civic Floor

Sung Tieu. Civic Floor

Sung Tieu (b. 1987, Hai Duong, Vietnam) works in a range of media producing exhibitions that draw upon extensive research. Her works of sculpture, drawing, text and sound consider questions of governance, civic responsibility and justice, analysing mechanisms of state control. Making reference to art history, and in particular to minimalism and the deployment of the grid, they highlight the translation of ideologies within industrial design and architecture and the prevalence of abstraction as an organising force.

Civic Floor comprises a series of steel and plaster works, which are accompanied by engraved plaques (displayed in the lower ground floor) and sound. This new body of work considers questions of space and volume, both in terms of their fundamental role in art-making as well as in the design of carceral spaces and bureaucratic systems.

Seven steel sculptures filled with earth and elevated on steel tables refer to four types of prison architecture; the so-called ‘radial’ prison which originated in Britain in the 1840s, the ‘courtyard’ prison designs that superseded it in the late 20th century and the ‘galleried’ layout and the ‘newgeneration’ of prisons that emerged in the 1990s. Tieu invites us to peer inside these hard-edged, oblique forms to view the organisation of space within. Three of the works abstract and enlarge a detail from these interiors. The addition of locallysourced earth implies a connection to land. This ubiquitous, organic matter also serves as a discrete reference to the presence of national borders.

These sculptures are surrounded by a second series of plaster works that refer to various documents employed in assessing eligibility for immigration. Three forms which are respectively used to apply for asylum, appeal against deportation or for refugees to apply for a ‘waiver of grounds of inadmissibility’, are the basis for the wall-based works. Devoid of textual content and reduced to their lines and bo...

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