Bride of Frankenstein (Pride Season)

Double Bill James Whale


Bride of Frankenstein

USA 1935 | James Whale | vostFR | 74' | 16mm | Cast : Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Elsa Lanchester

► Best Sound nomination, Oscars 1936


Un savant fou, le Dr Pretorius, kidnappe la femme du Dr Frankenstein, et oblige le Docteur à tenter de nouveau l’horrible expérience, dans le but cette fois de créer un monstre féminin.


« Whale's erudite genius brings it all together. He sculpts every nuance of self-parody, social satire, horror, humour, wit and whimsy into a dazzling whole, keeping every one of his fantastical plates spinning until the tragic, inevitable finale. » (Empire)


« Film scholars and queer-theory types will long argue over the intricacies of Whale's Bride as a study of artistic creation and an acidic fable of homoerotic love, but for fans it's simply the most beautiful horror film ever made. » (Salon)

Tickets : A special double-bill ticket is available for €5. Individual tickets are also available at the usual prices.

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Tarif plein 3.7 €
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Ticket Double Bill 5 €


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