Blind at Heart (Die Mittagsfrau) (LUXFILMFEST)

Barbara Albert, 137 min, 2023 - Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland
The luminous and bookish Hélène arrives in decadent Weimar-era Berlin as a young woman with aspirations of becoming a doctor. As the city’s carefree ambiance darkens and her fiancé is killed during a protest at the Reichstag, Hélène’s grief gives way to a determination to keep her lineage a secret: she is half-Jewish. When a handsome Luftwaffe officer professes his love and offers her a forged Aryan identity, she accepts his offer of marriage—yet the steps she takes for self-preservation lead her down a harrowing path. Based on Julia Franck’s award-winning novel Die Mittagsfrau, Barbara Albert’s film adaptation is a richly textured portrait of one woman’s struggle to maintain selfhood in an increasingly hostile landscape. Hélène’s complexity is brought to life by the mesmerizing Mala Emde in this stirring drama.   Accessible from 16 and over

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Kinepolis Kirchberg
45 avenue JF Kennedy


Ticket 9.5 €
Tarif réduit / Discount 7 €
Kulturpass 1.5 €


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