Blackbird (D. Harrower)

Blackbird (D. Harrower)


David Harrower

(the play will be performed in english)


Directed by - Myriam Muller

Cast - Jil Devresse, Jules Werner

Costumes and set design - Anouk Schiltz

Lighting Design – Antoine Colla

Production - Théâtre du Centaure

Co-production - Cape Ettelbruck


After 15 years of silence, Una, a young woman in her twenties, pays Ray a visit at his workplace, a photo of him in a trade magazine having put her on his track.

The last time she saw him, she was twelve, he was forty, and they had a relationship. They haven’t set eyes on each other since. 

Through gripping dialogue, each in turn reveals how their lives have been turned upside down, subjected to the judgment of others. 

Allusions, hesitations, uncovered lies; until the final twist, the play keeps you guessing. 


Blackbird is taut, twisty and provocative. There’s value in works that make your mind fly to uncomfortable places and send out cries you can’t unhear.

New York Daily News 

Harrowing – and absolutely brilliant.

New York Times 

Profoundly unsettling drama.


This is an extraordinary, no-holds-barred drama that both chills and thrills. It tackles the provocative theme of pedophilia, but refuses to draw glib, reassuring or predictable conclusions.

The Daily Telegraph 

Useful information


Théâtre du Centaure
Grand-Rue 4


Date Hours
Thursday 10/11/2022 18H30
Friday 11/11/2022 20H00
Wednesday 16/11/2022 20H00
Thursday 17/11/2022 18H30
Friday 18/11/2022 20H00
Sunday 20/11/2022 18H30
Wednesday 23/11/2022 20H00 - 20H00
Thursday 24/11/2022 18H30 - 18H30
Friday 25/11/2022 20H00 - 20H00
Sunday 27/11/2022 18H30 - 18H30


Tarif normal 20 €
Tarif réduit (professionnels et étudiants/jeunes) 8 €


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