Ash Wednesday (Hommage à Helmut Berger)

Ash Wednesday

USA 1973 1973 | Larry Peerce | vostFR | 100’ | 35mm | Cast : Elizabeth Taylor, Helmut Berger, Henry Fonda

► Best Actress nomination (Elizabeth Taylor), Golden Globes 1974


Après avoir fait appel à la chirurgie esthétique pour essayer de relancer son mariage fragile, une femme a une liaison avec un homme plus jeune en attendant l'arrivée de son mari des États-Unis.


« Elizabeth Taylor, fashionably gowned and bejewelled carries the film almost single-handedly. And Helmut Berger is featured as her Italian resort affair after the beautification process has restored Taylor’s character’s surface charm. » (Variety)


« As Taylor wonders through the Cortina restort in post-operational splendour, she deservedly rivets every eye. With her ego fortified by attentions from Helmut Berger as a decadent ski bum, she is able to smile and start over, a finale that should reassure any woman with a bastard husband and a bursting bank account. » (Village Voice)

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