After working as a chef for several years, Felix Bröcker now considers cooking and eating as an aesthetic practice in art and cuisine. After completing a Master's degree at Goethe University and the Städelschule in Frankfurt, he is now doing a PhD at the Offenbach University of Art and Design to investigate visual staging strategies in European haute cuisine. His passion for the culinary world has inspired him to explore the connection between culinary art and visual aesthetics.

Today, we devour more culinary data with our eyes than real food with our mouths. When eating, the focus is on taste, but all the senses work together to make a visit to a restaurant a multi-sensory experience. Food not only pleases the tongue and palate, but also acts visually as a medium that communicates beyond taste. Especially in haute cuisine, this is used consciously. In addition to good taste, there are concepts behind many dishes that are revealed by the way they are arranged. In the process, references to art, cuisine and pop culture can be shown. In this way, food can be enjoyed across space and time.

It is therefore worthwhile - as in art - to look closely and enjoy a dish not only in terms of taste, because "Anyone who enjoys works of art in a concretist way is a philistine". (Theodor W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory) In this sense, food is always also “Food for Thought”.

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