Acoustic Guitar Concert : Carlos Torres

With his acoustic guitar, Carlos Torres Maures will surprise you and take you on a meditative journey. Multi-instrumentalist musician, passionate about stringed instruments, he is trained in Mexican and French popular music, he also develops as a protest singer in the context of the great Mexican university strike of the years 99-2000. He composes for plays and also develops his own introspective therapeutic style that will eventually emerge, by approaching the carnatic violin and the direct knowledge of the mysterious traditions of central Mexico in shamanic improvisation and sound healing.

His music is eclectic and mainly Latin in inspiration, with influences from baroque, Spanish renaissance, Carnatic fiddle, Ishumar music of the Tuareg and Mississippi blues. He will touch you by his incredible personality of sensitivity and kindness. His search for answers to complex philosophical questions and his passion for mathematics never leaves him, and by exchanging with him you will explore the foundations of our humanity in one evening through music and through words. With his acoustic guitare let’s explore meditative and South American music for one hour of concert.

What a programme!

Admission EUR 20 (drinks included)

Each participant of the concert will have the chance to participate in a raffle to win her (solo) portrait by Véronique van der Wielen, as part of our PORTRAIT weekend from 9 to 11 June in our space. Participants in the raffle will only be the attendees to the concert. Drawing at the end of the concert.

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Subtile Showroom-Gallery
21A Avenue Gaston Diderich


Concert ticket including tombola for the portrait (one solo portrait per ticket purchased), Entree concert (y inclus boissons et un ticket de tombola pour gagner votre portrait individuel - un portrait par ticket acheté) 20 €


Acoustic Guitar Concert : Carlos Torres in pictures

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