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Congés Annulés – Rotondes’ Summer Festival



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From Saturday 01.08.2020 to Sunday 23.08.2020

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Organizer : Rotondes
Phone : 2662 2030
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About the event

The Congés Annulés are confirmed! From August 1 until the end of the month, the Congés will make Rotondes’ forecourt move to some very good sound. Every evening DJs will set the groove on the terrace, while those hungry for live music will meet Wednesday to Saturday for outdoor concerts. On Sundays, in collaboration with the Rocklab, the Congés will screen musical documentaries. And something new is in the pipeline: a used record market ? an informal event to sell and swap LPs and CDs. To cool down and keep up with the intense pace of this year’s Congés, the Buvette will serve a summer beer brewed specially for Rotondes. This draft beer is a limited edition, taste it now or never!

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