Visual arts

Moon Song



Fellner Louvigny
12 rue Louvigny
L-1946 - Luxembourg


From Saturday 25.07.2020 to Saturday 19.09.2020
15h00 - 18h00

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Phone : 621364812
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About the event

Se-Lyung Moon

One of the artist’s main themes is hair and its cultural meanings. Hair is considered an attribute of beauty, is malleable, renewable and becomes an occasional victim to scissors. By cutting it, scientifically speaking, strands of memory and hidden sediments are also removed. We show life-sized, vividly executed acrylic paintings on paper and small, fragile works made of thin wooden discs, next to each other. Wood, which in a different way, also bears memories and is a snapshot of growth and beauty.   

Keong-A Song

In her complex, virtuoso drawings, the draughtswoman combines her own dream images with social and political realities, making them into statements that at first seem surreal. On closer examination, multi-layered narratives become readable, embodied by a puzzle of sceneries  and populated by human-animal figures. A ‘Comédie humaine’, in which animal masks unveil humanity and which are marked by a humorous and often tender look.


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Fellner Louvigny

12 rue Louvigny

38892 - Luxembourg