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AWOL. Fearless Abstraction



MOB-ART studio
56 Grand Rue (Passage Grand Rue/Beaumont)
L-1660 - Luxembourg


From Wednesday 15.01.2020 to Saturday 22.02.2020

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Phone : 691.10.96.45
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About the event

Christian Neuman’s  canvases feature raw  edges and layers of resin, acrylic, fibreglass and  aerosol paint, giving  the final piece a look  that the artist himself calls punk. Behind these paintings and their abstract and sculptural forms lies the overarching aim of continuously searching for a coherent  aesthetic that unifies  all works and materialises the process of philoso-phical thought that constitutes the driving force behind the work.  Christian Neuman describes his vision  of creation as follows: “Working on the thin  line of abstraction where painting could ultimately  end. Working right up  to the limit before all that  is purely expressionist.  The painting represents  a nonconformist thought  process. It embodies philosophical and political thought in a radical aesthetic.”

Show Opening
wednesday15 january 2020
18h00 to 21h00
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MOB-ART studio

56 Grand Rue (Passage Grand Rue/Beaumont)

38773 - Luxembourg