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Conférence: Les violences faites aux femmes



European Convention Center Luxembourg
4 place de l'Europe
L-1449 - Luxembourg


Saturday 09.11.2019
09h00 - 12h30

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Phone : +33 1 44 88 55 66
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Pour 5 sessions du congrès dont celle-ci : 350.00

About the event

Violence against women

With the participation of Her Royal Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Panel 1: Sexual Violence in a National and Domestic Environment :
an Edemic Disease

Presentation of the UIA joint publication on the status of women and the rule of law

Debate on violence against women with a focus on the Istanbul Convention
Panel 2: Sexual Violence in a Vulnerable Environment: Aiming for Zero Impunity
Round table discussion: How to achieve zero impunity? Transitional justice? Universal jurisdiction?
Other alternatives ? 

Observations on the current shortcomings of the judicial systems and processes with regard to the perpetrators of violence against women; Observations on the inadequacy of the traditional judicial redress system with regard to victims of rape in politically unstable regions; the paradox of the active involvement of victims in trials (the victims are also witnesses); Potential avenues for overcoming these shortcomings: the need to review the relevance of methods and to increase the effectiveness of this campaign, with the aim of achieving zero impunity; the need to ensure rapid and efficient redress for victims, in particular by protecting them from the trauma of their involvement in legal proceedings; rethink the process for collecting evidence and how evidence is used in legal proceedings; All perpetrators, both direct and indirect, should be prosecuted; consider expanding (or reviewing) the concept of the proceeds of crime in connection with all those who have profited, even indirectly, from violence in areas of conflict.

How to secure the rule of law, how to document sexual violence/not lose evidence for future criminal charges and how to prosecute?

This will be an opportunity to publicise “Stand Speak Rise Up”, an initiative of HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and co-organised by WWoW and the Mukwege Foundation to end sexual violence in vulnerable environments. She will present BackUp, a secured web platform and a web app created by "We are NOT Weapons of War" and developed by IntechLux to enable the identification of sexual violence survivors, facilitate their access to essential services at local level and enhance the coordination of professionals on the ground. Have a look on the livre blanc of Stand Speak Rise Up's conference.

The use of technology in addressing conflict-related sexual violence and accelerating justice.

Establishing evidence of sexual violence in a vulnerable environment / How to secure the preservation of evidence for future prosecution before domestic and international courts.

Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector: the accountability of aid workers/peacekeepers.

Panel 3: The Role of Lawyers and Bar Associations in Combatting Violence against Women


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European Convention Center Luxembourg

4 place de l'Europe

38661 - Luxembourg