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Exposition - Home and Away



Galerie d'Art Contemporain Am Tunnel et Espace Edward Steichen
L-2954 - Luxembourg


From Tuesday 15.10.2019 to Sunday 19.04.2020

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About the event

The "Home and Away" exhibition was created by Christophe Van Biesen for the Contemporary Art Gallery "Am Tunnel".

It will appeal to all travellers and landscape photography enthusiasts and is at once dreamy, exciting, impressive and inspiring.

Christophe Van Biesen is a Belgian photographer and artist. Arriving in Luxembourg in 2008, he developed a speciality in photographing the natural and urban landscapes of his adopted country.

Over the course of his many travels around the globe, the artist has also been able to take a series of photographs depicting landscapes and cities abroad. The varied aesthetic of these landscapes aims to highlight our planet’s diversity and beauty: from the vast landscapes of the North American continent to Asian megacities, via Iceland, France, Italy and numerous other destinations; without of course forgetting Belgium, the artist’s birthplace.

Immortalising typical views using a unique angle and light has thus become the unmistakable characteristic of the artist’s style. Sometimes grandiose and awe-inspiring, other times intimate and personal, the artist’s photographs of landscapes are an interplay of colours and moods. Christophe invites you to join him on his journey.

Regular guided visits are held in company of the artist.
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Galerie d'Art Contemporain Am Tunnel et Espace Edward Steichen


39271 - Luxembourg