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Slow Teleport


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Parc Central du Kirchberg
Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-2167 - Luxembourg


From Sunday 23.06.2019 to Sunday 29.09.2019

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Organizer : Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain en collaboration avec le Fonds Kirchberg
Phone : 225045
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About the event

artists: Alex Schweder, Ward Shelley curators: Christine Walentiny, Katrijn Van Damme In collaboration with Fonds Kirchberg The many devices at play in "Slow Teleport" are a direct response to its location in the labyrinth of the Parc Central, in Kirchberg.

The performance showcases two New York artists, Alex Schweder (b. 1970), Ward Shelley (b. 1950), and European team members Matthew Brown and Clemens Klein. They will all live and work on an improvised portable structure above ground for ten days without leaving, talking to people who come to see them about the meaning of their work. The premise of this piece is a crossing of the maze – not by walking through it, but by going over it without touching the ground.

To do this they build bridges that link colourful numbered markers located above the hedges, high enough to be seen from the outside. These are also supply caches which map a route across the maze. The days are spent working, living, and engaging conversationally with every interested visitor. These conversations are not meant to be theoretical, but light and friendly, depending on how deep or serious the visitor’s interest goes. This social engagement is a crucial component of Schweder and Shelley's work. What remains once they are gone are only traces of their crossing, as they will have “teleported” themselves and their housing facilities from one side of the maze to the other.

A video documenting the event will be viewable on a screen built next to one of the maze entrances. "Slow Teleport" is a temporary piece of "performance architecture". The term, which was coined to describe their work in 2007, reflects the idea that architecture both gives cues for how we are to behave and offers itself as a prop for inhabitants to form and perform their identities.

As was the case already in 2017 with Wennig & Daubach’s "Recto Verso" project, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain and the Fonds d'Urbanisation et d'Aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg (Fonds Kirchberg) have organised an invitational competition for the second instalment of "1+1", an ephemeral artistic project taking place every two years inside Parc Central’s labyrinth in Kirchberg. In conjuction with Casino’s current artist residency, this year’s selection features Schweder and Shelley’s work "Slow Teleport".

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Parc Central du Kirchberg

Avenue John F. Kennedy

38978 - Luxembourg