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Time Space Continuum. Photographs by Edward Steichen in dialogue with painting


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Villa Vauban - Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxembourg


From Saturday 08.04.2017 to Sunday 15.04.2018

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Organizer : Les 2 Musées de la Ville de Luxembourg
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This exhibition showcases 44 works by Edward Steichen (1879-1973) in combination with paintings and sculptures by Luxembourg artists who were contemporaries of the American photographer. The similarities in terms of subject and composition underline the multifaceted relationships between Steichen’s photographic art and the art of painting. The collection features a broad range of Steichen’s work, dating from 1898 to 1959: portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, sculptural and architectural depictions, advertising and war documentation. Steichen’s career as a photographer is inseparable from his intense preoccupation with painting and sculpture. He was a representative of pictorialism, an artistic movement that aimed to elevate photography to an art form in its own right. To achieve this, pictorialists made use of techniques to give the photographs a painting-like expression. The exhibition also showcases examples of Steichen’s innovative fashion shots and celebrity portraits, which he created from 1923 onwards for Vogue and Vanity Fair.

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Villa Vauban - Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxembourg