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Mudam Akademie 2021–2022

Mudam Akademie 2021–2022

Focused on exploring the beginnings of modern art to the present day, the Mudam Akademie programme is aimed at all individuals who wish to acquire or deepen their knowledge of modern and contemporary art. Each lecture takes as its starting point a work of art on display at Mudam in order to identify a theme, leading to a review of the major currents and movements in the history of 20th century art.

The Mudam Akademie lecture series is organised in collaboration with Luxembourg’s Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth. 

Lecturer: Claude Moyen
Claude Moyen holds an arts doctorate and teaches art education at Diekirch high school, where he also coordinates the BTS Media Writing diploma. From 2006 to 2017, he served as Mudam’s educational advisor. In 2010 he introduced Mudam Akademie – a lecture series on the history of modern and contemporary art, which has been the subject of a publication, Eng Geschicht vun der Konscht vun haut [A History of the Art of Today] (Éditions Mudam). 

Mudam Akademie Online
Did you miss a lecture? Would you like to revisit a subject? Were you are not able to get to Mudam? You can now follow Mudam Akademie at home by accessing the lectures recorded in video format. The course dates remain the same and the video links will be sent to you by email.

Mudam Akademie – practical information:

Luxembourgish: 18.00–19.00
French: 19.00–20.30

Full cycle: mudam.com/akademiebooking 
Single lecture: reservation by email mandatory (visites@mudam.lu) subject to availability of seats.
Priority is given to those enrolled on the full cycle.

Cycle of 10 lectures: €70 standard rate | €50 Mudamis
Single lecture: €8 | €5 Mudamis 
Free of charge for those under 21

Capacity is limited to 60 students | Social distancing must be adhered to | Masks required | Hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the Auditorium.

In the event of a cancellation by Mudam, catch-up sessions will be held on 17.06.2022 and 24.06.2022.

Session 1
Exploring architecture in modern art
Looking at the work of Tina Gillen in the 25 Years of the Mudam Collection exhibition

Session 2
Exploring money in modern art
Looking at the work of Mohammed Bourouissa in the Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age exhibition

Session 3
Exploring abstraction in modern art
Looking at the work of Giorgio Griffa in the 25 Years of the Mudam Collection exhibition

Session 4
Exploring Luxembourg’s modern art scene 
Looking at the Freigeister (Free Spirits). Fragments of an art scene in Luxembourg and beyond exhibition

Session 5
Exploring monochrome in modern art
Looking at the work of Blinky Palermo in the 25 Years of the Mudam Collection exhibition

Session 6
Exploring fashion in modern art
Looking at the mirror mirror: cultural reflections in fashion exhibition

Session 7
Exploring concept in modern art
Looking at the ‘Rules of the game’ section in the 25 Years of the Mudam Collection exhibition 

Session 8
Exploring series in modern art
Looking at the work of Zoe Leonard

Session 9
Exploring installation in modern art
Looking at the work of Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil

Session 10
Exploring portraiture in modern art
Looking at the work of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

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Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
3 Park Dräi Eechelen


Date Hours
Wednesday 08/06/2022 18H00 - 18H00
Wednesday 06/07/2022 18H00 - 18H00


Cycle de 10 conférences 70 €
Auditeurs libres, par séance 8 €


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