Mudamini Photography Classes

Mudamini Photography Classes

16.10. + 13.11. + 11.12.2021 et 15.01, 26.02, 26.03, 30.04, 04.06.2022
18.06.2022 | Catch up class
Class 1: 10h00-12h00 | Class 2: 14h30-16h30

Everyone takes photographs daily, but how do you frame them? This crash-course in photography allows children to become experienced little photographers and discover all the secrets of photography within 8 sessions.

This year-long course is aimed at children ages 9 to 12
No experience required or material required
Limited availability

Masks required 
Subject to modification and cancellation
Booking required: Booking link available soon on mudam.com, t +352 453785–531
LU / FR / DE / EN

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Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
3 Park Dräi Eechelen


Date Hours
Saturday 26/02/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Saturday 26/03/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Saturday 30/04/2022 10H00 - 10H00
Saturday 04/06/2022 10H00 - 10H00


8 cours 110 €


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