Résidence - Alvaro Marzan

Résidence - Alvaro Marzan

neimënster is delighted to have Álvaro Marzán Díaz as associate artist. The Spanish-born artist presents the project Espace et désir, an exhibition about the 'universal search for identity, the intrinsic need of the human beings to understand their own nature and to question the meaning of what surrounds them.' 'Espace et désir is an essentially pictorial installation dealing with the transcendental space in which we are immersed.' It is from a deep commitment to painting and contemporary creation that Álvaro Marzán Díaz proposes 'a world between the physical and the metaphysical, extravagant and mysterious, passionately unreal, which can offer from its distorted surface an ephemeral reflection of all that is invisible to us. These images present our individual space as a creative material ready to be shaped by our perception, our actions and our intention.'
Credentials: Organisation: neimënster, financé par le Ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


From Friday 11.06.2021 to Friday 13.08.2021
10H00 - 18H00


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