Flight 49 inspired by The good hope

Flight 49 inspired by The good hope

The second production of this week dedicated to Internationaal Theater Amsterdam is a co-commission with the Théâtres de la Ville that represents all the things that make this company so special. Flight 49 is the new creation by Simon Stone, one of the most acclaimed young directors on the international circuit, assisted for this coproduction by emerging Luxembourg director Sally Merres.
Simon Stone has made a name for himself adapting plays from the classical repertoire. He updates from the inside. For each piece, he goes in search of its inalienable core. With fast, razor-sharp, cinematic dialogue, he translates the basic problems into a conflict that plays out in our time. It gives his pieces a topical relevance. Op hoop van zegen by Herman Heijermans from 1900 is probably the most staged piece of all time in the Netherlands. In its time, it was a sharp social indictment. Heijermans wanted to force passage of a law that would prevent greedy ship owners looking for an insurance payout from sending unseaworthy ships into the water. But the play is also a tragedy of fate. The isolated fishermen have no choice: they are the prisoners of the sea. Fishing is their only chance of survival. The sea giveth (fish), the sea taketh away (lives). With the most famous and proverbial sentence in the play: “The fish comes at a high price”.
Simon Stone has relocated the fishing village to the arrival hall of an airport, where families await the return of their loved ones, thus transposing the conflicts of the play to our times. At the same time, Simon Stone shows the human condition that has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Text & direction Simon Stone
Dramaturgy Peter van Kraaij
Scenography Bob Cousins
Lighting design James Farncombe
Sound design Stefan Gregory
Costume design Mel Page
Assistant directors Daniel ‘t Hoen, Sally Merres With Joy Delima, Janni Goslinga, Maarten Heijmans, Hans Kesting, Hugo Koolschijn, Achraf Koutet, Maria Kraakman, Chris Nietvelt, Ilke Paddenburg  Production Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Co-production DeSingel; Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg Private Producers Rob & Mirjam van den Bergh; Hendrik Jan ten Have & Gabriella de Rooij; Willem & Paula van der Schoot-van Voorst Program partner Ammodo Photography Jan Versweyveld
Production leader Michiel van Schijndel Vendredi 22 JANVIER 2021 à 20h00
Samedi 23 JANVIER 2021 à 20h00 Réservation par e-mail ou par téléphone au +352 4708951
DURÉE inconnue, spectacle en création
Introduction à la pièce par  Monsieur Ian De Toffoli une demi-heure avant chaque représentation (en français)Adultes 25 €, 20 €, 15 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Studio

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