Plëss in Concert

At the height of the tourist season, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office is organising concerts and entertainment at the bandstand located on Place d'Armes, in the heart of the Luxembourg capital. Most of the programme is made up of bands and groups originating from the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region.

For decades, the bandstand on Place d'Armes has been host to military music, bands, concerts, and recently to groups performing jazz and ambient music from Luxembourg and abroad. This popular platform also serves as a podium and prop for the Luxembourg music scene and for musicians eager to share their talent with a new public. If the rhythms and repertoires are very diverse, the aim is to constantly enhance the attractiveness of the capital providing maximum enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

Programme July 2018

Sunday | 1.7.2018
11h30 Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale (L)
15h00 Big Music Band 2001 (L)
16h15 Spuerkees Bankers in Concert (L)
17h30 Big Band Opus 78 (L)
18h45 Big band Memory (L)
20h15 Märeler Big Band (L)

Sunday | 15.7.2018
10h45 Harmonie des Jeunes Hesperange (L)
11h30 Harmonie Municipale Hesperange (L)
16h00 Philharmonie Préizerdaul (L)
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Luxembourg-Eich (L)

Monday | 2.7.2018
20h00 Harmonie F.N.C.T.T.F.E.L (L)

Tuesday | 17.7.2018
20h00 Northern Big Band (L)

Tuesday | 3.7.2018
16h00 Skaegkaer Blaeserne (DK)
19h30 Fanfare Prince Henri Bonnevoie (L)
20h30 Fanfare Municipale Bonnevoie (L)

Wednesday | 18.7.2018
12h00 Il giardino dell'Estro (L)
16h00 Jugendorchester BMBM (NL)
20h00 Big Band de la Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale (L)

Wednesday | 4.7.2018
12h00 Trio Tangostre (L)
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Luxembourg-Gasperich (L)

Thursday | 19.7.2018
12h00 St.Anselm's Catholic School of performing Arts (UK)
16h00 Richmond School Orchestra8s (UK)
20h00 Jazzonanz (L)

Thursday | 5.7.2018
19h30 Orchestre des élèves de l'Harmonie Municipale Hollerich (L)
20h30 Harmonie Municipale Hollerich, Luxembourg-Gare, Cessange (L)
Friday | 20.7.2018
12h00 Jazz Vibes 5-tet (L)
16h00 Hounslow Music Service (UK)
20h00 Les Brasseurs (L)
Friday | 6.7.2018
12h00 Melvin Burger Quartet (L)
15h00 Harmonie Lycée Aline Mayrisch (L)
20h00 Lënster Musek (L)
Saturday | 21.7.2018
08h00 Brocante
11h30 Fanfare Grand-Ducale Clausen (L)
à l'occasion de la Fête Nationale Belge
20h00 Fanfare Kiischpelt

Saturday | 7.7.2018
11h30 Tramsmusek (L)
16h00 Fanfare Kehlen (L)
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Rollingergrund (L)


Sunday | 22.7.2018
11h30 Merton Music Band (UK)
16h00 Luma Band (L)
20h00 AdHoc Jazz 6-tet (D)

Sunday | 8.7.2018
12h00 Harmonie ARTI Alphen aan den RIjn (NL)
16h00 Mamer Jugendmusek (L)
17h30 Harmonie Gemeng Mamer (L)
19h30 Harmonie des Jeunes Prince Guillaume (L)
20h30 Fanfare Royale Grand-Ducale Lëtzebuerg (L)

Monday | 23.7.2018
20h00 Womens Work (D)

Monday | 9.7.2018
20h00 Musek vun der Gemeng Biwer

Tuesday | 24.7.2018
20h00 Harmonie Ste-Cécile Redange/Attert (L)

Tuesday | 10.7.2018
20h00 Harmonie Orchester Mirandola (I)
Wednesday | 25.7.2018
12h00 "Klassik meets Modern, Schlager & Klezmer" (D)
20h00 Jehanne Strepenne Trio (F)
Wednesday | 11.7.2018
12h00 Quatuor de Saxophones de Luxembourg (L)
20h00 Fanfare Sapeurs-Pompiers Gilsdorf (L)
Thursday | 26.7.2018
20h00 Olivio Pagliarini Trio featuring Karin Melchert (L)

Thursday | 12.7.2018
20h00 Fanfare de Lintgen (L)
20h30 Harmonie Municipale Hollerich, Luxembourg-Gare, Cessange (L)

Friday | 27.7.2018
12h00 Fête pour enfants "Kanner in the City"
20h00 Soirée Viennoise avec la Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale (L) et l'Ecole de Danse Mireille Roulling (L)
Friday | 13.7.2018
12h00 Laurent Pierre Quintet (L)
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Pétange (L)
Saturday| 28.7.2018
10h00 Fête pour enfants "Kanner in the City"
20h30 Fanfare "Concordia" Hupperdange (L)

Saturday | 14.7.2018
08h00 Brocante
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Differdange (L)

Sunday | 29.7.2018
11h30 Harmonie "De Herleving", Vierlingsbeek (NL)





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