Plëss in Concert

At the height of the tourist season, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office is organising concerts and entertainment at the bandstand located on Place d'Armes, in the heart of the Luxembourg capital. Most of the programme is made up of bands and groups originating from the Grand Duchy and the Greater Region.

For decades, the bandstand on Place d'Armes has been host to military music, bands, concerts, and recently to groups performing jazz and ambient music from Luxembourg and abroad. This popular platform also serves as a podium and prop for the Luxembourg music scene and for musicians eager to share their talent with a new public. If the rhythms and repertoires are very diverse, the aim is to constantly enhance the attractiveness of the capital providing maximum enjoyment for residents and visitors alike.

Programme April and May 2018

12.4.2018 |  Thursday
16h00 Nottingham Trend University (UK)

14.5.2018 | Monday
20h00 Big-Band Opus (L)

21.4.2018 | Saturday
08h00 Brocante
20h00 Le clan des caeciliens (B)

15.5.2018 | Tuesday
20h00 Fanfare Medernach (L)

27.4.2018 | Friday
20h00 Garnecher Musik (L))

16.5.2018 | Wednesday
20h00 Simmer Duerfmusek (L)

28.4.2018 | Saturday
12h30 Musekschoul Festival (L)

17.5.2018 | Thursday
20h00 Big Band vun der Mereler Musék (L)

29.4.2018 | Sunday
16h00 Wind Orchestra Caecilia (B)

18.5.2018 | Friday
20h00 Fanfare Holtz (L)

3.5.2018 | Thursday
20h00 Harmonie Municipale Dudelange (L)

19.5.2018 | Saturday
12h00 Amis de l'Ecole de Musique de Differdange (L)
20h00 Société Musicale Wincrange (L)

4.5.2018 | Friday
20h00 Harmonie Grand-Ducale "Orania" Colmar-Berg (L)

20.5.2018 | Sunday
16h00 Société de musique Weiswampach (L)
20h00 Die Böhmerichen (D)

5.5.2018 | Saturday
20h00 Le Guéviller's Band (B)

21.5.2018 | Monday
20h00 Musekfrënn Gemeng Noumer (L)

6.5.2018 | Sunday
16h00 Harmonie Sapeurs-Pompiers Clemency (L)

22.5.2018 | Tuesday
20h00 Musik Gemeng Bauschelt (L)

7.5.2018 | Monday
20h00 Big Band Spectrum (L)

25.5.2018 | Friday
20h00 Sëller Musek (L)

8.5.2018 | Tuesday
20h00 Cercle des Mandol. "Hemechtsléft" Kayl (L)

26.5.2018 | Saturday
08h00 Brocante
16h00 Ecole de Musique des Lorraines - Jazz Formation (F)
20h00 Société de Musique Aspelt (L)

9.5.2018 | Wednesday
11h00 - 20h00 Fête de l'Europe
18h30 Big Band "Spuerkees Bankers in concert" (L)

27.5.2018 | Sunday
11h30 Harmonie Royale L'Emulation 1885, Habay-la-Neuve (B)
13h30 Fanfare Vriendenkring Overloon (NL)
16h00 Fanfare Hielem-Luerenzweiler (L)

10.5.2018 | Thursday
08h00 Brocante

28.5.2018 | Monday
20h00 Big Band Memory (L)

11.5.2018 | Friday
17h00 Groupes Samba

29.5.2018 | Tuesday
20h00 Eschduerfer Musik (L)

12.5.2018 | Saturday

30.5.2018 | Wednesday
20h00 Dixie Band de la Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale (L)

13.5.2018 | Sunday
11h30 Schweecherdauler Musik (L)
16h00 "Tëttelbiergbléiser" vun der Fanfare Nidderkuer (L)

31.5.2018 | Thursday
18h00 Seniorenmusik Liechtenstein
20h00 Bartrenger Musek (L)




With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture