Art(craft) in the fortress city

Free guided tours on the occasion of the exhibition "De mains de maîtres"

Art (craft) in public spaces changes the perception of buildings and places. Art and crafts have always been able to complement one another when the aristocracy, bourgeoisie and clergy wanted to leave something significant behind.  However, what about Luxembourg? Did the changing foreign rulers have artistic ambitions when they built the city into a mighty fortress to protect their territory? How did the patronage of the upper middle class or representatives of the Church manifest itself? What did they want to express with their works? Looking more closely, you will find interesting works from all eras in Luxembourg!

Guides from the Luxembourg City Tourist Office invite you on a two-hour walk to discover the history of the City and sharpen your eye for detail on the consistency between artifacts, different eras and residents of the City.

From the 28th of November till the 2nd of December 2018.
Four guided tours a day:

2 pm German
2.30 pm French
3 pm Luxembourgish
3.30 pm English

Reservation at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office by phone under +352 22 28 09.
Meeting Point: Former headquarter of the ARBED, 19 avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg
Free tours.
Number of places is limited.