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Juegdschlass is technically inside Luxembourg Ville city limits; however, it definitely feels like you are in the countryside! While it may not be the easiest location to get to, it is definitely worth the effort.

Your visit, if traveling by bus, starts with an easy little hike through part of the Bambesch forest. No need to wear hiking shoes, but sturdy shoes are recommended, as it can be muddy and slippery when wet (which is often in Lux). After a pleasant walk through the woods, you will come to Juegdschlass restaurant, which was built in 1873. The view at the back of the building is beautiful, so if you visit in the summer and can sit on the terrace, I highly recommend it.

The inside of the building is a little like stepping back in time as it is rustic and tables seem smaller in comparison to more modern restaurants. Juegdschlass is popular so reservations are an advantage. The menu has a good variety of meals and ‘gibier’, wild meat, is available during hunting season but you need to ask for it. Once you have finished your delicious meal, you can head to the pasture next door and make friends with the donkeys. It seems they may understand German as when spoken to they would make some pretty funny sounds!

Another walk back through the woods and your country adventure in the city is complete. A hike, lunch (or dinner) and donkeys all in one go!

Useful information


400 Rue des Sept Arpents, Luxembourg City


Filet de boeuf : 36.50€


Tue - Sun 11:00 - 23:00