Charles Kohl (1929 – 2016)



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Villa Vauban - Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxembourg
av. Emile Reuter 18
L-2420 - Luxembourg


From Saturday 28.03.2020 to Sunday 17.01.2021

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Phone : +352 4796 4900
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Entrée au musée : 5.00

About the event

The exhibition documents the major creative periods of Charles Kohl, one of Luxembourg’s most important sculptors and two-time winner of the Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe. With his often fragmentary bodies and faceless heads, the artist created a stylized human anatomy that symbolizes both the vulnerability and the power of body and soul. Veiled forms, warriors, circus people or equestrian figures are the recurring themes and means of expression in his sculptural and graphic work.

A richly illustrated catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition. This 200-page publication is the first monograph on the artist that classifies his work in an art-historical context and presents selected works. You can buy the catalogue online.

In addition to this catalogue which has been edited by the Villa Vauban team, Charles Kohl's family has developed a website. This site has been designed to make his work known. The site includes photos of his paintings, sculptures, drawings and sketches, but also portraits of the artist himself. Discover the website here: www.charleskohl.com


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Villa Vauban - Musée d'Art de la Ville de Luxembourg

av. Emile Reuter 18

39085 - Luxembourg