We Ride

We Ride

Second-Hand Bike Market

Keen to sell those old bikes, mountain bikes or BMXes that are taking up too much space? Want a new set of wheels? Looking for a hidden gem to become your new best friend? We Ride’s second-hand bike market is the place to be. You’ll also find lots of new bike accessories.

For a first check-up of your new bike or to make adjustments and/or minor repairs, We Ride has invited the young start-up The Happy Cyclist to host the Repair Café. The company promotes the repair and reuse of bicycle materials, in order to avoid the purchase of new products.

Good to know

  • The We Ride team takes care of all bike sales, you don’t have to stay at the market. If you’ve booked a stall though, your presence will be required for the duration of the market.
  • No seller’s fees! You set the price, you get that price. No sales = no fees!
  • Cash only, as the money goes back directly to the sellers.
  • However, the We Ride team adds 10% to the sale price to cover the organisational costs (with a minimum of 10€ if the sale price of the bike is less than 100€).
  • Sellers can come and get either their money or their unsold bike on Saturday 09.07.22 between 18:00 and 19:00. Past this time, all unsold bikes will be donated.
  • Organizer / Collaboration: Organized by Project Bike & Rotondes
  • Location: Parvis
  • Programme: Ven 08.07.22 >16:00-22:00Sam 09.07.22 >10:00-18:00
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Useful information


3 place des Rotondes


Date Hours
Friday 08/07/2022 16H00 - 16H00
Saturday 09/07/2022 10H00 - 10H00


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