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Luxembourg City is always at your fingertips!

If you are visiting Luxembourg City, please follow the national directives on hygiene and health in public places. The following activities and initiatives are currently a good alternative to in-person visits while also offering inspiration for future trips and excursions:

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office invites you to explore Luxembourg City and its top attractions– all from the comfort of your own home.

Many of the capital’s museums have moved online to offer virtual tours of their current exhibits. 

Numerous concert and theatre halls, as well as music ensembles and local artists, have started live streaming their performances to enjoy from home.

A number of fun activities to do on your own or as a group are available online. There’s something for all ages!

Various solidarity initiatives have been launched in support of those affected by the current health crisis. 

FAQs - visit Luxembourg in times of Covid-19 pandemic

  • Are the borders to Luxembourg open?

    Yes, Luxembourg has never introduced border controls. Please also check the rules on freedom of movement and border crossing in your country of origin, since they may differ from the rules in Luxembourg. Useful links:





    Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Luxembourg


  • How can I get to Luxembourg City?

    You can reach Luxembourg City by car, train or plane. Flights to and from a limited number of destinations resume on 29 May 2020.  

    Useful links:

    Luxembourg Airport


    Luxair Airlines

    Deutsche Bahn


  • Is public transport available in Luxembourg City?

    Public transport is running and all trips by bus, tram and train within the country are free of charge. You can find current bus, tram and train information here:

  • Will I be quarantined when I enter Luxembourg?

    No. There is no quarantine for tourists.

  • Which general health and safety guidelines apply in Luxembourg City?

    Luxembourg is currently in a phase deconfinement. 

    Find the code of conduct here. 


  • Are cultural institutions in Luxembourg City open?

    Museums, exhibitions and libraries have reopened their doors to visitors on 11 May 2020.  

    Repertoire infrastructures culturelles ouvertes 


  • Are restaurants and cafés in Luxembourg City open?

    Yes. Restaurants and cafés reopened on 29 May 2020 while terrace service resumed on 27 May 2020. Health and safety guidelines apply. The label “Safe to Serve” has been introduced for the HORECA sector to assure that restaurants respect at least 4 essential criteria:

    • registration of the establishment with the Government Commissioner for Quality, Fraud and Food Safety
    • compliance with good hygiene practices and HACCP principles
    • compliance with the Government's "Covid-19" instructions
    • the implementation of all the necessary steps to guarantee the maximum possible safety of customers, guests and employees (social distancing, wearing of masks, etc.).


  • Can I go shopping in Luxembourg City?

    Yes. Shops reopened on 11 Mai 2020. Health and safety guidelines apply. 


  • Are hotels and camping sites in Luxembourg open?
  • Is Luxembourg City save to travel in times of the Covid-19 pandemic?

    We understand you may be concerned about your personal health and safety while travelling. To help you evaluate the risks involved we recommend you to observe the situation in your country of origin as well as the official sources in Luxembourg. You can find information about current Covid-19 cases and precautionary measures put in place by the Luxembourgish government to limit the outbreak of the pandemic here:

    In general Luxembourg city counts a bit over 120.000 inhabitants, which means it is a European capital on a human scale, where it is quite easy to avoid crowded places. Moreover, the city offers plenty of green areas and creational spaces as well as biking and walking trails. Thus, it is a city trip destination with a calm and relaxing feel. 

Virtual Tour: Top City Views

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