City Tour

City Tour



This two-hour classic coach sightseeing tour (in your own coach) includes the visit of the railway station district, the Old Town, the ruins of the fortifications, the Casemates (optional), the European Centre, the banking district.

INFO 1 guide per bus, Tariff:  90 EUR (2 hours).



On an evening tour you will discover the magnificent and enchanting illuminations of the old fortress city. The itinerary is similar to the one of the day tour; however, the Casemates are

closed to visitors in the evening.

INFO 1 guide per bus, Tariff: 90 EUR (2 hours).



Ride a bicycle to explore the picturesque lower towns of Pfaffenthal, Clausen and the Grund as well as the Pétrusse valley (interesting from a geological point of view) and enjoy the breathtaking views from the former city fortifications.



1 guide for a maximum of 20 persons.

Tariff: EUR 90 (2 hours). Use your own bicycle.

Rental of a bicycle on request:

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