Segwaytours (by night)

Segwaytours (by night)


Open your eyes and embark on a Segway for an unusual nocturnal tour on which to savour the magic of the City, which you will never forget …

SEGWAYTOURS.LU offers you an opportunity to enjoy a pleasurable visit to some of the iconic locations around the City, learning about its history, and seeing its museums and its parks in the colours of the night ... in a way that is only possible on a Segway.

Our instructors will unveil the hidden treasures of the historic centre of the Luxembourg with an unforgettable trip through the fantastic microcosm of the City after dark … a unique experience not to be missed!
Designed for everyone, the tour is ideal for both novices and experts alike. Accompanied by our Segway instructors, you can visit the City in a novel but entirely safe manner.

When: every Wednesday from the 13th of April till the 28th of September

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Segwaytours (by night)
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