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Luxembourg – unparalleled access

Situated in the heart of Europe, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany and connected to the far corners of Europe by an excellent network of highways as well as a multitude of rail links and TGV connections, Luxembourg is an exceptional destination for business travel. The international airport, Luxembourg-Findel, lies only six kilometres from the city centre and is linked to the main European cities by many flights a day.



A European capital

On of the smallest members of the European Union, Luxembourg was nevertheless the cradle where the concept of a unified Europe was born. Together with Brussels and Strasbourg, Luxembourg city is the official seat of many of the European Union’s major organisations. A multicultural city by tradition, Luxembourg continues to enhance its cosmopolitan nature.


Financial capital

Modern architecture marks the silhouette of the banking district that has made Luxembourg famous throughout the world of high finance. The historic fortified city has in modern times become a world-class bastion of finance. Attracted by its numerous advantages, financial institutions from around the world manage their business from Luxembourg.


Millennial capital of the Grand Duchy

The city of Luxembourg, the thousand-year-old capital of the Grand Duchy, was founded in 963. Over the course of its history, Luxembourg has been occupied by Burgundians, Spanish, French, Austrians and Prussians, all of whom contributed to making the city one of the best fortified in the world, the “Gibraltar of the North”. Today, the fortress, along with the old city, have gained international fame. In 1994, UNESCO recognised the city's historical importance by naming it a World Heritage Site.


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