Traditional Iranian Tales (Traditionell iranesch Erzielungen) (LUXFILMFEST)

Morteza Ahadi, Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh, Mahin Javaherian, 42 min, 2013 - Iran
The land of tales from the Persian Nights is in turmoil... A programme of five short Iranian films for the whole family to enjoy. The party is in full swing at the butterflies, Master Raven is getting married in front of an astonished cat, Mother Raven is devising a strategy to get rid of a hungry fox, grandma is not afraid to take to the road to visit her newborn grandson, and a village is preparing enthusiastically for the wedding of the beautiful Hajar! « Le mariage du Papillon » by Mahin Javaherian « Maman Corbeau et le Renard » by Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh « Le mariage du Corbeau » by Mahin Javaherian « La Citrouille qui roule » by Morteza Ahadi « La noce de Hajar » by Mahin Javaherian A world of fantasy, joyful melodies and love on every level. Those varied tales all come together in their oriental and Persian sonorities. A true ode to life, honouring every creature and the ties binding us together.   Accessible from 4 years and over

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Ciné Utopia


Adulte 7 €
Enfants de moins de 18 ans 5 €


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