Through the lens of... Fränk and David Michels

Through the lens of... Fränk and David Michels

This autumn, the Cercle Cité and the National Museum of History and Art present Gast Michels' first comprehensive retrospective, covering 30 years of his work.

Discover both exhibitions through original perspectives! In a very personal tour, several cultural figures will present a selection of works by Gast Michels and share their reflections on their own artistic or personal journeys. 

After the death of Gast Michels in 2013, his sons David and Fränk Michels set up the artist’s estate, took care of the artworks they inherited and inventoried them over the following years. The inventory offers a deep dive into their father’s work, leading to a better understanding of his oeuvre and its different phases. As an architect and a product designer respectively, the brothers had some expertise in photography, archiving, web design and project management that they could draw on to run the estate. Their aim is to keep Gast Michels’ work alive and to be the key contact for art historians, public and private collections as well as art lovers from Luxembourg and beyond.

The guided tours will start at Cercle Cité (Ratskeller exhibition space, rue du Curé) and end at National Museum of History and Art (MNHA).

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Cercle Cité
2 Place d'Armes / rue Genistre


Donnerstag 17.11.2022
18H00 - 20H00


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