Theatre Adults Open Session

Artemysia Theatre classes are open to everybody interested in sharing a great experience in personal development, creativity and well-being. We will explore improvisation, voice, non-verbal communication and we will cover topics such as stage composition, gesture, emotional connection, relaxation, posture, storytelling and, finally yet importantly, we value cultural and linguistic differences to enrich our theatre experience.

We use an original method inspired by the physical actions of Grotowski, the training of Odin Teatret and the work on the character and emotions of Stanislavski. We will use rhythm, images and sounds to build “bridges” between us and to fully deploy our potential. And, last but not least, our Theatre Classes are recreational, the aim being as well to relax and to have fun while learning new skills.

Artemysia Theatre classes are open to everybody with or without experience, for a unique experience in theatre training!

Next Classes: 5/03, 12/03

For further details and subscription contact: [email protected]

– Tel +352 661448824 (Raffaella)

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Cercle de Coopération des ONGD du Luxembourg
1 Rue St Ulric


General Admission 25 €


Theatre Adults Open Session in Bildern

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