The Bishop’s Wife (Great Restorations)

Introduction to the film and its restoration in English | about 15’


The Bishop’s Wife

USA 1947 | Henry Koster | vostFR | 109’ | digital | Cast : Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven


Dejected by his efforts to raise money for a cathedral, Bishop Henry Brougham beseeches heaven for guidance and is visited by the charming Dudley, who claims to be an angel. Initially, Henry is sceptical and then annoyed when Dudley poses as his assistant to help him out, even winning the attention of Henry’s long-suffering wife. Who knows what angels are capable of?


« If you can resist seeing Cary Grant playing an angel, David Niven playing a bishop and Loretta Young playing Loretta Young, you're too tough a critic for The Bishop's Wife. It comes very close to being the most enchanting picture of the year. » (New York Times)


« Cary’s charm works as successfully upon audiences as it does upon the film’s characters, and his relaxed wit plus Loretta Young’s delicate loveliness makes for a frothily touching comedy. » (Time Out)


« You could hardly imagine a better example of the Hollywood machine in fluid, engaging action. The script touches on all the wholesome tropes of the Christmas movie without dipping too deeply into schmaltz. But, as was often the case with films made during the era of the production code, there are hints of something more dangerous beneath the surface. What exactly are Dudley’s intentions towards the Bishop’s Wife? The polished Cary Grant persona never entirely concealed the promise of nocturnal transportation. Thank uncredited script work by Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett. » (Irish Times) 



Special price for this screening: €7,50 – includes ‘Feuerzangenbowle’ (German punch) before the film, available from 19:45.

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