The Aquatic Museum

The Aquatic Museum Band is a pop/chamber music collective that was founded in 2021 by singer-songwriter Claire Parsons (UK), musician and app developer Laurent Peckels (LU) and in praise of folly violist Nicole Miller (US). The collective brings together artists from different horizons who are determined to go beyond conventional ways of creating, releasing and performing music. The collaboration extends beyond European borders bringing together an arsenal of individually accomplished musicians and multimedia artists including in praise of folly violinist Maia Frankowski (BE) and cellist Annemie Osborne (LU), drummer Jérôme Klein (FR), guitarist Eran Har Even (IL), the Q-Some Big Band (BE), painter Astrid Rothaug (AT), visual artist Jeanne Held (FR), music producer Charles Stoltz (LU) and game developer Alex Greenwood (LU).

A genre-breaking project, The Aquatic Museum skilfully combines the color palettes of jazz harmony, the delicacy of a chamber ensemble, and the energy of a pop band. Carefully crafted compositions take us on a journey that reinvents the sound of pop delicately weaving moving lyrics with a spectrum falling between the poles of minimalism, the epic, and everything in between. This is chamber pop music.

The Aquatic Museum Album, inspired by Sufjan Stevens, Emiliana Torrini and Agnes Obel, invites the listener to explore the mysteries of undiscovered, aquatic realms. The tracks oscillate between lush orchestral textures and intimately woven arrangements. The music is constantly expanding, strengthened through ambient drones and extended atmospheres with pop-inspired elements. Strings, horns, electronic instruments, grand choirs, playful piano parts and captivating guitar riffs create a sound that evokes the grandeur of the chambers of the sea and conjures up the song titles’ metaphors.


Claire Parsons

Laurent Peckels

Nicole Miller

Maia Frankowski

Annemie Osborne

Jérôme Klein

Eran Har Even

Charles Stoltz

Main organiser(s): neimënster

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