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This year, the Cercle Cité continues its series of screenings of short films and artists' films, which will address different aspects of inclusion, accessibility, integration and discrimination in a philosophical and original way.

These topics are highly debatable in a society that on the one hand is becoming more and more aware of the subject of identity and diversity, but which nevertheless faces difficulties in adapting to this new awareness. Migration and feminism, the search for (artistic) identity, the rights of people with special needs, the rights of people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ group and the challenges of parenthood: the themes linked to these debates are multifaceted and affect many of us.

Over a period of two years, filmmaker Kim El Ouardi and visual artist Nora Wagner captured the creative process of a group of dancers during the creation of their new piece.

Throughout the movie, four very different people who share a love for street dance, reveal their individual and collective research around identity, work, culture, gender and everything else that makes a person who they are.

Blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, this experimental documentary plays with the subjectivity of the imagination by interlacing realism and dreamlike scenes. Through the power of dance and the universal language it generates, the movie tries to capture the complexity of society and the challenges we have to face, both individually and collectively, in order to find our place.

Everything, except for sound and editing, was done by the two authors. This allowed them to experiment with, and contribute to each other's universes, both imaginatively and technically. In the end, the movie became a true co-creation, questioning the duality between the individual and the collective, not only in front of the camera but, also behind it.

Location: Ciné Utopia

Organisation: Cercle Cité, in the frame and in collaboration with the Luxembourg City Film Festival

Ticket office: LuxFilmFest

Screening duration: 43 min.

Language: French

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