The most beautiful of our concert halls opens its doors again this summer. Under the starry skies the second edition of our Garden Delights festival offers you four occasions to dive into four unique sensual worlds in the magical setting of the cloister garden. At sunset ,senses ablaze, each of these musical experiences will immerse you at once in the abbey’s past and the recent sounds of jazz and electro , the studied simplicity and organic feeling of music with its wild and bewitching beats. Four timeless musical journeys off the garden path. To celebrate the end of his long-term residency at neimënster, Pol Belardi will be back on stage with his solo project, but this time, he will not be alone: his original compositions will be re-arranged and flourish with the help of United Instruments of Lucilin a carefully selected semi-orchestral lineup. By adding layers of strings, horns and percussions to his eclectic repertoire, the already rich sound spectrum will be extended and result in an unheard hybrid sound experience, somewhere between introspective songwriting, spontaneous improvisation and glamorous orchestral tuttis.


Voice, piano, electronics: Pol Belardi

United Instruments of Lucilin

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Ticket tarif normale 22 €
Ticket tarif réduit 9 €
Ticket Kulturpass 1.5 €



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