Perelà, creatura di fumo

A theatrical adaptation of the futuristic novel "Il Codice di Perelà" by Aldo Palazzeschi written and directed by Luisella Suberni Piccoli. 20 actors from 12 different nationalities, members of the Teatrolingua group, present a story where the boundary between reality and imagination is nuanced by constant irony. Perelà, the main character, is a being of smoke who, for thirty-three years, takes on human form in a chimney. When he finally emerges into the daylight, he sets out to discover the world, armed with his boots to be firmly anchored to the ground. His persona and innocence arouse curiosity and respect from everyone, ladies vie for his attention, and everyone confides their secrets in him. However, it takes little to bring him into disgrace. A metaphor for the figure of Christ? A critique of society? Perhaps, but above all, a comedy that entertains and prompts reflection on subjects like love, war, madness... A show accompanied by projections, animations, and a soundtrack created for the occasion. In Italian! Additional information: En langue italienne 120 min. (entracte de 15 min.) Line-Up:

Concept & mise en scène : Luisella Suberni Piccoli

Troupe : Teatrolingua
Musique : Pier Renzo Ponzo 
Son : Jurita Skuta
Décors : Giuseppe Panbianco
Costumes : Luisella Piccoli, Jurita Skuta
Graphisme : Eliza Fessler

Assistant metteur en scène : Théo Pelosi

Avec : Daniel Halici, Henryk Mazur, Nadja Blondet, Pino Cipolla, Marina Tataram, Georgios Minas, Jaqueline Reizer, Gabriela Kukurugyova, Philippe Poivret, Ekaterina Gruzova, Nadia Borisova, Dimitri Esteves, Amadeu Tomaz, James Borg, Stavroula Zannia, Carmen Benito, Véronique Schuster, Edith Spigarelli, Alyce Skiba, Abigail Re

Main organiser(s): Centre Curiel Language: it Duration: 120' + 15' d'entracte

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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
28 rue Münster


Ticket tarif normale 23 €
Ticket Kulturpass 1.5 €



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