Paprika (Rétrospective Satoshi Kon)

Paprika (Rétrospective Satoshi Kon)


Papurika Japon 2006 | version originale avec sous-titres anglais | 90' | c | Film d'animation de : Satoshi Kon | D'après : le roman de Yasutaka Tsutsui

► Compétition officielle, Mostra de Venise 2006


A group of brilliant scientists have developed a form of psychotherapy with the invention of a machine which enables a person to enter another’s dreams. When the device is stolen by a ‘dream terrorist’, it is up Atsuko Chiba, a scientist under the code name Paprika, to track down the apparatus and save the world from madness.


« Satoshi Kon’s final film is not only one of his finest, but one of the most exhilarating and memorable pieces of Japanese animation ever produced. » (Polygon)


« A mind-twisting, eye-tickling wonder! For all its gaudy glories, the film buzzes with a sense of unease about the rapidly changing relationship between our physical selves and our machines. » (New York Times)


« A parade of dreams that simultaneously satirizes contemporary issues in Japan, stretches the limits of its audience’s imagination, and puts both Kon’s craft and his creativity on full display. » (Vulture)

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