Ouai Stéphane + Hyperactive Leslie + MR TC

Ouai Stéphane + Hyperactive Leslie + MR TC

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Watch out: triple bill, triple threat!

Instrumentalist Ouai Stéphane has been exploring the bowels of Ableton and designing his own MIDI instruments for years, spreading a simple message along the way: everyone can make music with it. anything. Cinematic, powerful and full of groove, his music nods to Steve Reich as well as to the Vengaboys, the Chemical Brothers and Kylie Minogue.

Antonin Leymarie was part of several projects and collaborations (his Magnetic Ensemble, with Supernatural Orchestra, with the circus artists of Les Colporteurs…) until something clicked and he founded Hyperactive Leslie. A kind of drum chant where humans and technology feed on one another without losing their souls, Hyperactive Leslie sculpts an organic, cinegenic, labyrinthine trance which follows in the footsteps of Boards of Canada, Brandt Brauer Frick or Paddy Steer. In short, of all those for whom rhythms are not robots, but small wild beings to be tamed again and again.

MR TC is an electronic music producer, DJ and record label boss (Phase Group, since 2019) known for his versatile DJ style and productions. On stage he uses analogue synthesisers, sequencers, drum machines and effects to translate the dub and kraut-inspired electronic sound of his records for a live audience.

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3 place des Rotondes


Freitag 05.08.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Ouai Stéphane + Hyperactive Leslie + MR TC 9 €


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