Noises of (Rétrospective Peter Bogdanovich)

Noises of (Rétrospective Peter Bogdanovich)

Noises Off

USA 1992 | vostf | 103' | c | De : Peter Bogdanovich | Avec : Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeve


Un directeur d'une compagnie théâtrale a beaucoup de mal avec sa dernière production. La pièce ressemble à un désastre, ce qui n'est rien comparé à ce qui se passe en coulisses…


« Peter Bogdanovich's brilliant direction (on a par with his classic comedy What's Up, Doc?) has brought a successful adaptation of a stage farce to the screen, conquered the problems of the play-within-a-play format and most important, has lost almost none of the laughs of Michael Frayn's original play. As a result, Noises Off brings laughter from start to finish because Bogdanovich has captured the essence of physical farce and blended it perfectly with superlative comic dialogue. » (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) 


« Noises Off is a raucous, riotous romp that will leave you delightfully giddy from the wonderful on-screen frenzy and non-stop laughs. It's the kind of comedy we haven't seen in a while, one that doesn't rely on righteous dudes or far-out babes to make us laugh. » (Associated Press)


« What counts in this ensemble production is the collective choreography, the great farce machine. » (The Washington Post) 


« Screamingly funny ! » (ABC-TV)

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