Moritz Fasbender

Moritz Fasbender

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Moritz Fasbender has always been attracted to the obscure: sombre places, dark music and film noir. Her music bends the rules of contemporary classical music or neo-classical.

Fasbender studied electroacoustic composition as well as the piano and mainly works for theatres and radio stations. These environments are essential components of her sound language. They have a significant influence on the way she architects her music in which voices, gardens, animals or tennis rackets play just as big a role as the piano or her armada of synths.

With her upcoming release, Rabbits, slated for June, Moritz Fasbender continues her search for an expression that marries the piano and electroacoustics, a new language.

For fans of:

Poppy Ackroyd, Nils Frahm

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3 place des Rotondes


Sonntag 07.08.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Moritz Fasbender 12 €


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