MONODRAMA FESTIVAL - 331 grams & Levitations

MONODRAMA FESTIVAL - 331 grams & Levitations


By and with Isaiah Wilson



331 grams is a piece about transformation and the pain that comes with the process of rebirth. The piece aims to portray the condition of men today, by proposing an honest look on the emotional pressure that comes with men having to perform gender norms echoing from old patriarchal traditions. 331 grams aims to show the trajectory of a man navigating in our ever changing contemporary world, a time where the feminine resonates strongly and takes its rightful place. 311 grams inspects the anthropological and cultural heritage of past generations and explores a new look on the masculine. The aim is to show the shedding of traditions and dismantling the illusion of how a successful man should behave. As well as to portray the chaotic and conflicting nature of change. This sensitive topic becomes evident in the construction of the character on stage.

Avec le soutien de la Fondation Indépendance


By and with Hannah De Meyer


In English

Levitations is a landscape of thoughts. It’s a darkroom. It’s a remote cabin in the mountains, and everybody’s silent. There’s a shaman hypnotizing everybody, until she gets hypnotized herself, and then lies down on the ground like an animal. It’s a party with people dancing. It’s a concert and the lead singer is a young boy. His face is covered in tattoos, and he mumbles in the microphone: ‘this song is dedicated to the strangers who saved our lives’. You’re warmly invited, to this cabin, and this darkroom, and this party. You’ll hardly find a place as safe as this. 


Hannah De Meyer creates poetical universes where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. Levitations is a residual space, a gap in time where nothing and everything happens.


De Meyer avails herself of a vividly written, fairy-tale text full of deep thoughts which she often shares with the audience with a witticism or a wink. In relatively accentless, highly articulated English she envelops the audience in her dream world, in much the same way as she swathes her characters in fabric. A smoke machine called ‘atmosphere’ contributes to the rarefied sphere.

– Sara van der Kooi in Theaterkrant , 8 April 2017

Concept, director Hannah De Meyer

Light design Peter Missotten

Production Frascati Producties

Coproduction Toneelhuis, P.U.L.S. – Project for Upcoming Artists for the Large Stage

Thanks to Luit Lievens, Jo D’Hoore, Daan Couzijn, Rik de Meyer, Dries Segers, Marieke de Zwaan, Rosie Sommers

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12 Rue du Puits


Freitag 27.05.2022
19H00 - 21H15


Tarif plein 20 €
Tarif réduit 8 €
Kulturpass 1.5 €


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