Jerry Paper

Jerry Paper

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Jerry Paper is Lucas Nathan. Jerry Paper is instant coffee, bullshit jobs, weekly therapy sessions, crises of conscience, corporate mascots, 5-MeO-DMT trips, jokers down on their luck, surveillance, a jacked dad high on meth at a child’s party, apologies, trash cans, cacti, and the magic of words.

From its initial days as a DIY solo synth project in the early 2010s to its current incarnation as a five-piece band, Jerry Paper has always been the earthly conduit for the wild and uncanny imagination of its creative mastermind.

For fans of:

Connan Mockasin, Dan Deacon

The indietronica duo ENGLBRT is the unexpected union between singer/songwriter Georges Goerens and drummer/composer Niels Engel. From influences ranging from electronic to contemporary jazz and well-crafted indie pop, they create their very own musical symbiosis reminiscent of Radiohead, Jordan Rakei, Yussef Dayes and Tom Misch. Densely layered synth pads and finger-picked guitars combine with driving rhythms to provide a sparkling mosaic backdrop for their silky smooth and catchy melodies.

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3 place des Rotondes


Freitag 14.10.2022
20H00 - 20H00


Jerry Paper 12 €


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