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Composer/musician Hanakiv creates meditative piano-based ambient music with elements from classical and electronic music. Her debut record, Goodbyes, draws on influences as diverse as Tim Hecker, Björk’s Vespertine, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Arvo Pärt, Erkki-Sven Tüür and Aphex Twin, as well as her own Estonian cultural heritage.

Hanakiv also draws on her love for the beautiful Estonian seaside and forests. However, it was moving to London that gave her the freedom to make her own music. As a result, on Goodbyes, Hanakiv sculpts her own voice by moving from a bustling metropolis to a small country full of nature, and back.

For fans of:

Hania Rani, Grandbrothers

Young artist Hannah Ida acquired her first guitar at a flea market at 16 and wrote her debut song, “White Bird”, following an intense sailing trip to Scandinavia. Very much inspired by singer/songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou or Laura Marling, Hannah Ida write indie/folk songs reflecting raw, acoustic sounds, embodied by rebellious and mysterious texts, describing her path of growing up and finding uniqueness.

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