EUTHYMIA - Live at Vantage

EUTHYMIA - Live at Vantage

Bio :

founded in 2022 by Vito Tambasco (singer) Edoardo Di Vietri (lead guitar) Lhello Marra (bass) Michael Veneri (lead guitar) and Matteo De Marco (synths and guitar)


Euthymia want to represent with their music in relationship with the intimacy and with the world around them the perpetual and dynamic connection with an inner and outer universe that changes incessantly with the human being tending to the unity of essence and knowledge.

This representation is nourished by esoteric lyrics Jungian psychology psychoanalysis and is expressed mostly using sounds aesthetics and structures related to metal and progressive rock deriving from bands such as Tool Porcupine Tree and sunn O)) .

Entry :

presale 7 €

Doors 9 €

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Vantage - House of Music
163 rue de Beggen


standard ticket 7 €


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