...enjoy the show!

...enjoy the show!

This October brings us a unique exhibition of a mashup of five fabulous permanent artists of the gallery.

All equally talented, but different in style.

Marlis Albrecht, leader in this technique, uses beeswax and pigments in her works and has been expressing her pictorial intentions for over 25 years now. Albrecht's work is a complete engagement with this specific material.

Brazilian artist Mozart Guerra absolutely insists on total realism for the base of his sculptures. However, the dressing and composition

of the ropes and the accessories express the messages that he wishes to convey.

Jean Moiras’ fascination with architecture and travelling is reflected in his paintings. His remarkable and aesthetic pieces of art are defined by his distinctive features such as colour, form and line.

Marina Sailer presents to us her majestic works in which reality and fiction are combined. These neo-baroque, fantastic, artworks form a heterogeneous, yet harmoniously connected conglomerate.

Matthias Verginer presents this October his new works, that comprise realistic sculptures which are build up of wooden layers with fabric in between. This is how he reveals to the public the inner character and nature of people. First time in Luxembourg…


… enjoy the show!

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Von Samstag 22.10.2022 bis Samstag 19.11.2022


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