cute etc. is a participatory performance that delves into plant hormones and their ability to change a body. Noe Duboutay performs as the host of a card game. He invites to play with gender stereotypes and to allow the own body to slip and shift – to be cute.

In cute etc. Noe uses his research on plant hormones and changing bodily experiences to provoke common ideas of body transformations and masculinity.

The card game looks at how plants help shape contemporary subjects and help us break out of social categories and deconstruct binary gender narratives, while embracing the shifting of emotional and physical states.

The performance looks at the longing for change, and its simultaneous fear of it, the desire to transition, and the doubt of gender norms. Noe performs as a gender-ambivalent creature that guides the audience through a realm of joyful mutations through plant ingestions.

Materially and performatively, Noe is looking for queer connections, ally- and kinships as means to mutate with pleasure. His artistic research is following a quest for survival mechanisms in a heteronormative society.

Noe is based between Luxembourg and Berlin.


Entrance: rue du Curé (Ratskeller exhibition space)

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