Congés Annulés – Opening Night

Congés Annulés – Opening Night

With King Khan & The Shrines + Sparkling + Napoleon Gold + The Bud Spencer DJ set

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Hold on to your beer, here we go again! We’re kicking off the Congés Annulés festival with the kind of party that only we can throw: one that will leave you sweating and panting and coming back all summer long for more.

Don’t expect a break once the bands hit the first note! We’ll keep the music playing with the help of a bunch of funky people.

Since their formation, King Khan & The Shrines have been spreading their hypersexual gospel around the world. They’ve become notorious for being one of the most entertaining groups since the days of Ike & Tina. Dressed in their ceremonial duds, King Khan and the Shrines are more than just a psychedelic soul revue though. If musical salvation is what you need, if your soul is searching for true absolution, look no further.

Bewitching arrangements, warm low-pitched vocal samples, and rousing percussions are Napoleon Gold's favourite tools when producing his ambient electronic tracks. Performed live, his tracks have even more intensity and character thanks to a mix of electronic sounds, guitars, piano, percussion, and subtle improvisations that makes each show unique.

Cologne-based 3-piece band Sparkling’s remarkable progression continues. Right off the bat they developed a reputation for hot, heady and sweat-drenched clubroom sets. Their latest LP, This Is My Life / Das Ist Mein Leben / C’est Ma Vie, has moved them even further towards the centre of the dancefloor. It’s a celebration!

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3 place des Rotondes


Freitag 29.07.2022
20H30 - 20H30


Congés Annulés – Opening Night 4 €


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